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Advantage Parts Solutions specializes in helping organizations within the OEM Wholesale Parts and Auto Repair industry with comprehensive and cost effective services that grow your wholesale, maximizing business results.

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Since 1988, Advantage has provided Automotive Parts and Repairer solutions for both internal and external clients throughout Canada, the USA and the UK via our intranet, proprietary CRM programmes (web and mobile), data driven Advantage Performance Platforms and national loyalty programmes. We connect over 2,500 OEM Parts and Services Suppliers with our database of over 300,000 independent Repairer Businesses.

We've nurtured a culture of trust, integrity and transparency with our valued Clients who look to us as industry specialists. We're proud to deliver genuine OEM Parts and effective solutions designed to cut through the typical inefficiencies and added costs, which have a significant impact on our Client's bottom line, and in turn, help us to earn their confidence. Our Business Development Managers are experienced, results driven professionals backed by a team of Wholesale Parts experts.

We support thousands of OEM Parts and Service Suppliers and connect them to our network of over 300,000 independent Repairer Businesses in the USA, UK and Canada

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How We Can Help

Advantage is proud to be the leader in OEM Wholesale Parts sales, service and marketing solutions. If you're considering our services, or would like more information, we're happy to answer all of your questions. Contact us today and we will explore how we can help with your OEM Parts needs.

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