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Unlock your market potential with the industry's leading sales, service and marketing solutions provider.

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As the industry's leading sales, service and marketing solutions provider, we can unlock your market potential and drive profitability for your business.

Advantage is proud to have the highest level of client satisfaction in the industry. When surveyed, nine out of ten Clients would highly recommend our services.

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OEM Wholesale Parts Program

Leverage our insight and long-standing relationships with over 300,000 Parts Buyers to generate incremental OEM Parts sales, profitability and customer loyalty.

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Dedicated Business Development Manager

Since 1988, our team has built a trusted relationship with the Parts Buyers in your local market. Your Advantage Business Development Manager (BDM) is your sales agent in the field that actively markets your Parts Department to this valuable network of existing and potential customers. A BDM is your single point of contact and is accountable for improving your customer satisfaction, sales growth and bottom line results.

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OEM Wholesale Parts Loyalty Program - Advantage Rewards

With over 30,000 Repair Shops earning Advantage Reward Points for their part purchases made within the Advantage supplier network, there is no other loyalty program that can provide a more targeted and established client network.


Advantage Performance Platform

Our Parts Performance Dashboards are designed for the OEM Wholesale Parts industry. Instantly crunch large volumes of parts data in visual dashboards. Track sales, returns and order fulfillment metrics to improve your business performance and client satisfaction. Our analytics platform is simple to implement, so we can get you up and running right away to help you unlock important answers within your data.


OEM Parts Marketing Services

Professional and consistent communication with your Repair Shops will move Clients from awareness to action. Our ability to target your client base is unparalleled; our nimble sales team, technology, robust data and trusted relationships with over 300,000 parts buyers will ensure you can cover your market quickly, easily and effectively. Our team will help execute a robust sales and marketing campaign that will drive results.

Advantage Data Systems develops and manages IT related solutions for the Advantage Group of companies and their clients. We take data security and privacy seriously and are proud to be ISO certified.

They don't have a secret, just a professional, consistent and intelligent approach to serving customers and making good business decisions.

Bob Mills

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How We Can Help

Advantage is proud to be the leader in OEM Wholesale Parts sales, service and marketing solutions. If you're considering our services, or would like more information, we're happy to answer all of your questions. Contact us today and we will explore how we can help with your OEM Parts needs.

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