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What's So Great About Advantage Rewards?

Advantage Rewards is a multi-brand loyalty program exclusive to the automotive parts and repair industry. Whether you’re a supplier or a repairer Advantage Rewards has something for everyone.

Genuine Parts Deserve Genuine Rewards.

How The Advantage Rewards Program Works For OEM Suppliers

Advantage Rewards allows Repair Shops to earn Reward Points from multiple OEM Wholesale Parts Suppliers – not just one. How does it work?

Supplier Clients issue Reward Points to Shop Customers based on their purchases, account standing and special promotions - this means no wasted marketing costs. Suppliers are not required to issue Reward Points to every Shop — giving them flexibility and control.

Reward Points can really add up for the Shop, increasing loyalty and providing incentives for continued and increased OEM Wholesale Parts purchases.

Advantage Rewards is aimed at increasing OEM Wholesale Parts sales by locking in your Shops.

With over 30,000 Repair Shops earning Advantage Reward Points for their part purchases made within the Advantage supplier network, there is no other loyalty program that can provide a more targeted and established client network.

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How The Advantage Rewards Program Works For Repair Shops

You earn Rewards from multiple OEM Parts Suppliers – not just one! Whether you would like something for yourself, your family, or Rewards for your company team, Advantage Rewards works for you!

There's no cost and no obligation! Just buy your OEM Parts from participating Parts Suppliers and Reward yourself.

As your monthly OEM Parts purchases increase – so does your Reward opportunity.

Redeeming Your Points

It's simple… Buy OEM Parts from participating Suppliers and you'll receive Reward Points.

Browse our online catalog for that perfect Reward, log into your Member account and redeem your Reward Points.

That's it. There's nothing for you to fill out or send in – just sit back and wait for us to send your Reward.

It just couldn't be simpler…

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How We Can Help

Advantage is proud to be the leader in OEM Wholesale Parts sales, service and marketing solutions. If you're considering our services, or would like more information, we're happy to answer all of your questions. Contact us today and we will explore how we can help with your OEM Parts needs.

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