Automotive Insurers

Custom OEM Wholesale Parts solutions that improve business results.

We Bring The Tools And OEM Wholesale Parts Suppliers Together

Do you require OEM Parts for insurance claims? Advantage connects Insurance Companies directly with OEM Parts Suppliers across the globe. When you choose Advantage, you'll reduce costs and receive custom OEM Wholesale Parts solutions that improve business results.

Advantage offers Automotive Insurers custom OEM Wholesale Parts procurement technology that leverages a best-in-class national supply chain of OEM Parts Suppliers. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive suite of performance dashboards that assist in gaining greater cost control and transparency of Supplier performance.

Our Advantage


Managed National OEM Wholesale Parts Supply Chain

Advantage has over 2,500 OEM Wholesale Parts Suppliers as Clients. We can help build out a best-in-class national supply chain for Automotive Insurers so they can improve business results.


Procurement and Payment Systems

Advantage are experts in developing and managing custom OEM Wholesale Parts procurement and payment platforms to the Automotive Parts industry.


Advantage Performance Platform

We provide complete transparency of the entire OEM Parts program and process down to the individual OEM Wholesale Parts Supplier and Repair Shop in your network with the Advantage Automotive Insurer performance dashboards.

Advantage Data Systems develops and manages IT related solutions for the Advantage Group of companies and their clients. We take data security and privacy seriously and are proud to be ISO certified.

How We Can Help

Advantage is proud to be the leader in OEM Wholesale Parts sales, service and marketing solutions. If you're considering our services, or would like more information, we're happy to answer all of your questions. Contact us today and we will explore how we can help with your OEM Parts needs.

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