Frequently Asked Questions

It's simple - you earn Reward Points from multiple participating OEM Wholesale Parts Suppliers just for ordering parts and services for your business. Typically, loyalty Programs are promoted on behalf of a single Supplier where it can take months before you have enough Points to do anything with. The Advantage Rewards Program offers Reward Points from multiple Wholesale Parts Suppliers and Rewards you on behalf of purchases made from the entire group. You start earning valuable Reward Points in the first month, which means that not only can you redeem your Points for exciting Rewards sooner, there are also more of them!

It's simple. Just contact us and enroll your business - it's painless and won't cost you anything! Once enrolled your business is added to our Rewards database and our Supplier Members can now start giving you Reward Points when you buy from them. When you purchase parts or services from our Supplier Members they will assign Reward Points directly to your Rewards Member account - you don't need to do anything else! It just couldn't be simpler!

All registered Rewards Shop Members are given a secure online Member web site where you log in and see a complete Reward Points activity summary for the current month, all the participating Supplier Members and your complete Rewards history.

Whether you want something for yourself, family, or Rewards for your company team, Advantage Rewards will work for you. Advantage Rewards offers premium quality Rewards to ensure you get the Reward you want!

Currently, the Advantage Rewards Program is absolutely free for Repairers purchasing parts and services from our participating Supplier Members. Just keep collecting your Reward Points and when you're ready redeem them using our online Reward catalog.

There's no limit! The more you buy the more you'll earn. Rewards are not issued to every Customer - every Rewards Supplier has their own criteria for issuing Points. If you are not sure about a specific Supplier please contact Advantage or the Supplier directly.

Call your Supplier and have them call us - we'll take it from there. If that Supplier becomes a Member we'll give you some free Reward Points to show our appreciation. You can email [email protected] or call 866.888.1077 for further assistance.

Just log into your Rewards Member account, check your Reward Points balance and search for that special Reward. Once you find it just click the 'Order My Reward' link. You'll receive your Reward just as soon as we can get it to you!

Please allow 3-6 weeks for your Reward.

Advantage Reward Points are valid for 2 years after they are issued by participating Suppliers to their chosen recipients. Expired Points continue to remain valid provided the account is active; which means Points have either been received or redeemed within the past 3 month period. Points expire on the last day of the month.

Any tax liability remains with the claimant. Rewards are subject to tax. Advantage may be legally required to inform the tax authorities of all Rewards paid if requested to do so.

Advantage Rewards are not transferable and will not be honored if transferred to another party without the written consent of Advantage.

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